⦾ Weldingtechnology made in Germany

- Innovative solutions for welders by welders.
- Increase productivity & safety
- Reduce your costs

Klein, 0,8kg leicht, handlich und passt in jeden Werkzeugkoffer

Für viele 18V Batterien lieferbar wie z.b. kompatibel zu BOSCH, METABO, MILWAUKEE, DEWALT, MAKITA uvm

Cool Grind Technolgy - Optimierte Drehzahl mit präzisem Längsanschliff

Anschleifwinkel 15° -60°, stufenlos einstellbar, präziser Längsschliff für perfektes Ergebnis mit stabileren Lichtbogen


innovative tools and equipment for ​the welder. ​We are ​a manufacturer of innovative and sustainable welding solutions. Manufactured ​by welders for welders
100% Made in Germany

​We are continuously developing innovative technological solutions that make the welding and cutting processes more efficient, ​practical, and ​ a safer ​workplace for the operator.
​From our daily practice and experience we understand the technology behind achieving arc perfection. We  ​have on-the-job first-hand welding knowledge, that´s why ​with our welding skills, we ​can implement ​our smart ideas.

TIG TOOLS ​- stands for innovative, sustainable tools that make work easier and more efficient.
Increase your productivity, security and save costs with TIG TOOLS welding solutions.


Battery TIG Electrode Grinder

  • ⦾ Large diamond grinding wheel with very long service life.
  • ⦾ COOL-GRIND Technology with optimized speed for lowest heat load on the tungsten electrode.
  • ⦾ Grinding angle 15°-60°, infinitely adjustable, precise longitudinal grinding for perfect result with more stable light borrows.
  • ⦾ Highest working safety: grinding dust is collected. Very easy to clean thanks to drawer system. Safe stand.
  • ⦾ Small, light, handy, fits in any toolbox.
  • ⦾ Sustainable and resource-saving: Uses existing battery.
  • ⦾ Available for many common 18V battery systems (e.g. System-Bosch, -Metabo, -Makita,-Dewalt. Battery safe already integrated!

Technical data:
  • ⦾ Grindable electrode-Ø 1.0 - 1.6 - 2.0 - 2.4 - 3.2 mm*.
  • ⦾ Grinding angle 15° - 60°, infinitely adjustable
  • ⦾ weight: 0,8 kg | dimensions (LxWxH): 230 x 80 x 75 mm
  • ⦾ Ø diamond wheel: 50mm
  • ⦾ Idle speed 7.000 min-1
Scope of delivery:
  • ⦾ Tungsten electrode grinder ANS0612 - 18V
  • ⦾ Adapter plate for 18V battery of your choice*
  • ⦾ Diamond grinding wheel 50mm
  • ⦾ Tungsten electrode holder (Ø at choice)
*Grinder is delivered ready for use with battery plate and electrode holder of your choice.